Day 10 Job 24-28

In Job 26: 5-14 I love the illustrations Job uses to highlight his awe of God’s works.   The reality in which we live in is pretty amazing isn’t it?   I feel that awe when a display of colors stretch over the bottoms of clouds as the sun slips past our edge of the earth;  when I feel magnificent touch of  warm  ocean water on my skin,and take in the sheer power of its waves; taking in the vastness of space, and the curious nature of time;  along side completeness I feel when I am with my husband;  and the tears that come during worship.  I am in awe of our God.

  Now God’s done all that, and I am in awe, yet like Job’s friends all too often I search for wisdom in places I shouldn’t.  I try to figure out almost everything myself first, and can work myself in to a frenzy doing it too.  When really sometimes we have to let go and let God.  Job is right, God alone knows the way to Wisdom, He knows the exact place to find it.  and why should we doubt him? Why is He the last place I look.  He created ALL this, He knows how it works and He knows me… He’s not too big to care about me.

   Lord, why do I search elsewhere for wisdom?  why are You the last place I turn to in desperation?  Help me turn towards You the first time, remind me of Your power, remind me of Your grace, the remind me that in Your vastness when you have the ability to create heaven and earth you also have the ability to know and love me by name.