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Day 30 Exodus 1-3

  I like the story of Moses… I think that has a lot to do with that cartoon movie The Prince of Egypt that came out in ’98.  Good stuff, but only half the story…

    I noticed that Moses was at a wilderness point in his life after he killed the Egyptian and fled his brother, virtually lifeless he found himself at… A well.  There he met a people who would take him in and help him to heal on the inside and out.  The image of the well is jumping out at me over and over again.  I must be thirsty.

   Finally, the burning bush, and the name of God:  I AM WHO I AM. I like to dwell here and meditate on this reality.  What does it mean? I can bend my mind and think of God as simply being, not tied to a human concept of a timeline.  Suddenly Him being all-knowing makes sense, it’s not that He knows the future it’s that He’s experiencing it at the same time He’s experiencing now and the past.  It’s about now my brain can no longer comprehend what that means and reality (aka a 2-year-old wanting juice) comes crashing in around me… I AM.  What would happen to my prayers to Him if I started first concentrating on the name I AM?

I couldn’t help but think about this scene in the movie The Prince Of Egypt:


Rounds Holes in the Ground

Day 21 Genesis 27-29

Wells, it’s odd that’s what I keep coming back to but I keep noticing all these great things happening at wells. Such a shame we don’t have wells these days.

Hagar speaks to me

Day 18 Genesis 19-21

   Shesh!  What an interesting read we had today.. Lets see we’ve got an attempt to sodomize angels, an offer of daughter’s to rape in their place, cities destroyed, wives turning to salt, daughters raping their father, and Abraham pimping out his wife again.  There were nice things too.. like Sarah giving birth to Isaac.  .  . but what spoke to me most of all was yet again Hagar.   In contrast to the way man was treating women in these passages take a look at how God treats Hagar.. although He allowed her pain by allowing Abraham to send her away, God tends to her and her son Ishmael. “I’m going to make him a great nation.” Ishmael is widely considered the father of Arabs… Thus making Hagar, the woman who God tended to so lovingly, who named our Creator “the God who Sees me,” she is the “grandmother” to the Arab world.  I am impressed with the softness with which God treated this slave woman. While in her grief and turmoil God speaks to her, reassured her and opens her eyes to a source of water which will save her life.

   Hagar was at the end of her rope, had utterly given up and cried out in sobs and it is in this moment she is receives the blessings of the Lord.  sometimes in the midst of our most difficult times  God’s voice rings out to us as if he’s calling us on a direct line from Heaven.  Those are the times God opens our eyes and we can see clearly what we need to survive one more day, and provide the same for others.   God  shows us the water and from it we take “long cool drinks.”

  I remember once as a teen foolishly going on a hike with a friend named Michael in the mountains and bringing no water.  We were high in the hills when our thirst hit and by the time we were half way back down the mountain we were talking about the water that was waiting for us at the visitors center.  My hiking buddy pointed out how the water we’re about to drink was going to be SO GOOD because we were absolutely desperate for it.  Because of my thirst, that drink of water  was as good as  Michael said it would be. . .it was a drink of water worth remembering.

   When I am in a hypothetical desert in my life, finally willing to give up, crying out.. my God, the God who sees me, the God who tenderly calls out to me will provide a well of water so that I will survive one more day.  From this well I will take long cool drinks and it will be water worth remembering.