Day 47 Leviticus 11-13

I had a great muslim friend a couple of years ago.. I know what’s clean and unclean to her is a bit different but Man Oh Man did she take that seriously..  Dogs were a huge issue, she was so worried for me because my home housed a dog.  Once the dog got out while we were out front and my friend ran into the street right in front of a car to get away from my dog.  Another time she made food for me made from Kosher lamb.. talked and talked about how bad eating blood was for me and wanted to know if my lamb was the best meat I’d ever tasted.  Her Can’ts in life seemed so many to me.  I’m thinking the same thing as I read this.  Shrimp taste good, pork chops are yummy… better than grasshoppers.  Verse 11:44 God says “…be holy because I am holy…” My NIV study bible goes on to say “Israel was to be totally consecrated to God. Her holiness was to be expressed in every aspect of her life, to the extent that all of life had a certain ceremonial quality to it.”  Well that’s a pleasant way of putting it.  I’m doing X,Y and Z to be closer to God because he told me to.  Enough said right?  Almost… I think being a Christian and living in Christ is what’s tripping me up.  It’s not about what I do to get to God it’s about what He did that allows me access.  My Holiness IS still a factor but no longer the requirement.