Day 42 Exodus 36-38

Why was everything made of acacia wood? Well, The Sinai wasn’t known for it’s forests.  But it has acacia trees, a desert tree so a hardwood, and the acacia has thorns.  The tree could also be called a bush or a thorn tree… I kind of get hung up on the thorns… it keeps jumping out at me.. from the thorns that sprung up as a sign of sin’s curse on the earth in Genesis 3:18, to the ram getting its horns caught in a thicket (or could we call it a thorn-bush?)as replacement sacrifice provided by God for Abraham (Gen. 22 13-14), to the burning bush speaking to Moses (likely an acacia), to thewood thrown into the  bitter water of Marah to make it sweet (Exodus 15: 25), and finally the thorns twisted into a crown for the kings of the Jews (Matthew 27:29)… acacia, this is the wood that is used to make the ark, the altar, the tabernacle.  It was used because it was there, but what else was this wood used for? Am I stretching making these connections?