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El Roi

Instead of many gods, I have one God with many names. Each name highlights a different aspect to our Lord and for the last few years my favorite has been El Roi, the God who sees me.
Hagar was in a terribly lonely place, Again I struggle with Sarai and Abrahams choices… and “helping” God’s promises along according to our timeline never really works out to our advantage. But Hagar was REALLY mistreated as a result, and my heart is just torn for her. But God seeks her out, and she has the honor of being the first woman God speaks to.

      God follows me into my deserts, He speaks to me and He SEES ME unlike anyone else.


The Tummy Bug Perspective

Day 6 Job 10-13

I read todays scriptures in bed..  I got the link out to the  Facebook group a day early because I knew I was getting pretty sick with a tummy bug.  I’m not the nicest sick person in the world, I don’t like hurting and I especially don’t like tummy bugs.  But I felt well enough to get the boys to school in rainy weather, go to the store and pick up my “I’m sick” supplies  and make it back home.  I may have looked like death warmed over but I got the job done. I’m kind of proud I accomplished even that little bit, and I’m kind of looking forward to taking the day “off” as much as  Mommy can anyhow…

Why am I telling you all this? Well first off I just really want to complain to somebody, I hurt, I feel sick, and while my baby girl keeps giving me hugs and pat pat pats I desire sympathy from my friends and family.  It warms the heard when a friend send a message like I’m praying for you, Hugs, get feeling better.  These are the kinds of friends Job needed, but did not have. Secondly, while my family hasn’t been wiped out with by a tornado, and my pain is minimal I feel like being sick is a unique frame of mind with which to read Job. I will, however,  refrain from thanking the bacteria in my belly that made this unique perspective possible, if that’s ok.

I’ve never known pain so bad I wished I would die, or wished I was never born… the best I’ve got compared to Job is during my battles with depression I knew the feeling of wishing with all my heart that I didn’t have to get out of bed.  I’ve been so emotionally tied in nots before I just pleaded that it all be over.  What I needed during those times in my life was help.  I needed help from my God to get out of that bed, and once again face life, no matter how bland and tasteless it had become, I needed friends to surround me and just be there to make me smile again.  During the adoption of my daughter I felt wrapped in God’s reassurances despite being frightened by my circumstances and all the unknowns of the process while staying in a foreign country… my friends hourly sent messages of love, prayer, mourned with me while I struggled with disappointing news and celebrated when we learned great news… they were there for me!  God was there for me! 

Job, while his friends came in his hour of need, didn’t give Job what he needed.. love.  I really honestly don’t think their words or even their presence was an act of love on their part.  I think they were there to gloat over the man who had been so perfect this whole time.  I think they took pleasure in Jobs pain. there is a part of me that can relate to that… I mean I can relate to Job’s friends (Say What?!).  Let’s be honest with ourselves shall we… the magazines are in  the check-out line shouting out the latest misfortunes and crimes of Hollywood’s luckiest stars.  Oh how dare Jessica Simpson be a home wrecker!  Oh yes it’s SO my business to know who is gay and who is not… So sad about the desperate housewife running off her husband and being so mean to her co-star… did I mention I dropped by the grocery store this morning?  I guess you know then what I was  taking guilty pleasure in reading.  I’m no good friend to anybody who will ever be on the cover of Us… but I don’t think even reading the covers with a smile on my lips is kind, friend or not.  Here is the root of the issue.  Perhaps there is a part of me that desires to have their good looks, their attention, their talent.  But I don’t, and for the most part I’m ok with that BUT there is always that little part that looks to see how has Queen Mother Angelina Jolie failed today. It’s because that same part of me that envies them also wants to see them fail, knock them down a few notches and make them less perfect.  I’d never pick up or purchase one of those magazines!  But I look at those covers every single time.

   And you thought I was perfect.. HA!  I’m not saying what I do is the worst thing in the world all I’m saying is I get it and those are NO friends to Job.  I get a kick out of him calling them pompous quacks and that silence in their only wisdom.  LOL that needs to be painted on a sign and hung on the wall at The Brunchery!  Wait, am I taking guilty pleasure in witnessing a fight that occurred close to the beginning of the human race?  Yeah… I guess so.  Ooops.

   Lord,   I’m so glad my friends are not like Job’s “friends.”  Mine know what to say and when to say it, and it’s all said in love.  I thank You for them, and thank You for You.  You are the ultimate friend and offer the ultimate love!  I confess I fall short… help mend that flaw in me, highlight it, then together let’s obliterate it!  I don’t ever want to be like Job’s friends again.