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Horns and Thorns

Day 19 Genesis 20-24

 I like the way King James put Genesis 22:8 “And Abraham said, My son, God will provide HIMSELF a lamb for a burnt offering” Total Jesus sighting… it’s the salvation story leaking out of Abraham’s heart. I’m doing a Beth Moore Study on the tabernacle so we’re mostly studying in Exodus, but she goes over the story of Abraham and Isaac with some details I wanted share: In verse 13.. where a Ram is caught by the horns in a thicket. Beth directs us to read Luke 1 :68-69.. I went WOW.. but the kicker is the thorns.. a thicket in which the Ram has its horns caught ordinarily has thorns. It’s what we would call a thorn-bush “According to Genesis 3:17-18 thorns were evidence of sin’s curse on the earth”… where do we see thorns in the New Testament? Wrapped around the head of Jesus on the cross. Uh.. More WOW, at least for me.

  Lord I knew Christ’s footsteps were here in the Old Testament, but I didn’t realize how prominently.  I appreciate the opportunity to see you here, as loving as I know you are in my heart.  Help me to navigate these passages, open my eyes so that I can see You.  Help me when I need to wrestle with some details.  Most of all I’ve love coming to you daily… You really are my bread of life.  May I live off of your Word each and every day.


If We Die, Will We Live Again?

January 8th Job 14-16

Verse 14: “If we humans die will we live again?Thant’s my question.  All through these difficult days I keep hoping, waiting for the final change–for resurrection!…(then later around vs 16) You’ll watch over every step I take, but you won’t keep track of my missteps.  My sins will be stuffed in a sack and thrown into the sea– sunk in deep ocean.”

 These verses really stood out to me.. I just looked it over in NIV and it’s not quite as obvious, but I think this is my earliest (chronologically) glimpse of salvation… Job suddenly through his pain sees the need and the design for life after death and how that can become possible. In verse 14 The Message actually uses the word resurrection, NIV calls it renewal. God set the concept of eternity in our souls… there is more to life than life here on earth. Job really ponders this, and by golly the man gets it.. for a fleeting moment.

   I remember my great-grandmother GG.. a few months before she died.  I’ve thought of this moment a lot while reading Job.  GG was ready to die… and with tears in her eyes she told me she was ready, almost desperate for death.  She was in her 80s, her husband had passed away a few years earlier.  The time was near and she longed for it, an end to pain.  I saw her once more before she died,  while she was dying.  It had come, then end, what she desired most, and she seemed peaceful because of that. 

    Job knows nothing of life after death, he desires death, yet takes the time to  hope and question, “If we die, will we live again?”

Then this says it so well: “Homesick with longing for the creature you made, You’ll call and I’ll answer!”   Yes.. this is what I long for in death.. God’s call, and I’ll answer!  Thanks Job for that image of The Lord Homesick for me, calling me!

Lord you long for me?  You call me?  Wow.    Thank you.