Day 39 Exodus 28-29

God’s really specific about his priest’s clothes… I have to be honest I struggle with the details… I know there is a why to it all and I feel like I’m missing it.  But also it just seems so religious.  It might sound ironic but I don’t like religious stuff.. you do this to get that.  Here is the thing, I can understand how ritual can be a very moving experience and bring you closer to God, but I can also see where the religion, the ritual gets worshiped instead of God.  I get that there is a rhyme and a reason and a purpose to every single detail but again I’m struggling. 

Lord, help me layer by layer to understand the meaning you want me to learn in all this.  Oh and as far as your fashion design debut.. not too shabby.  That breast-plate is interesting… I really want to hang it on the wall through, or perhaps turn it into a pendant!