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Day 62 Numbers 18-20

 I found it interesting that God would talk about all the uses of water to help ceremonially cleanse those who had become unclean, then in the next “chapter” the Israelites had no water. Anyone familiar with Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs?  In a nut shell.. If our basic needs like food, water, and shelter are not being met we will not be capable of enjoying a sense of playfulness, feeling meaningful, moving our relationship with God into intimacy.  If the Israelites didn’t even have the water to drink for survival they would not even be able to CARE about water for ceremonial cleansing. Despite the grumbling, God provided enough water to meet their needs AND I’m sure enough for the water of cleansing too. Be still and know that He is God. This human still has issues with this lesson… that he will not only provide what I need for survival, but provide what I need to be spiritually right with him too.

    God’s not on the hierarchy of needs.. it’s not really a biblical concept, it was one I was taught through a social work class.  So where would we place God on this pyramid?  I can see Him all over it.  If we were to dissect the Lords Prayer we’d see elements of the hierarchy woven through it.. Give us today our daily bread – physiological needs.  Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil – safety and Security.  Forgive us our Sins as we forgive our sinners – Love and Belongingness. The Praise and Worship that begins and ends the prayer meets the needs of our self-esteem and the top of the pyramid where I believe worship takes place…  where God meets us. We need only to be still and He will provide for us in every aspect of our lives.


Horns and Thorns

Day 19 Genesis 20-24

 I like the way King James put Genesis 22:8 “And Abraham said, My son, God will provide HIMSELF a lamb for a burnt offering” Total Jesus sighting… it’s the salvation story leaking out of Abraham’s heart. I’m doing a Beth Moore Study on the tabernacle so we’re mostly studying in Exodus, but she goes over the story of Abraham and Isaac with some details I wanted share: In verse 13.. where a Ram is caught by the horns in a thicket. Beth directs us to read Luke 1 :68-69.. I went WOW.. but the kicker is the thorns.. a thicket in which the Ram has its horns caught ordinarily has thorns. It’s what we would call a thorn-bush “According to Genesis 3:17-18 thorns were evidence of sin’s curse on the earth”… where do we see thorns in the New Testament? Wrapped around the head of Jesus on the cross. Uh.. More WOW, at least for me.

  Lord I knew Christ’s footsteps were here in the Old Testament, but I didn’t realize how prominently.  I appreciate the opportunity to see you here, as loving as I know you are in my heart.  Help me to navigate these passages, open my eyes so that I can see You.  Help me when I need to wrestle with some details.  Most of all I’ve love coming to you daily… You really are my bread of life.  May I live off of your Word each and every day.

Day 18 Genesis 19-21

   Shesh!  What an interesting read we had today.. Lets see we’ve got an attempt to sodomize angels, an offer of daughter’s to rape in their place, cities destroyed, wives turning to salt, daughters raping their father, and Abraham pimping out his wife again.  There were nice things too.. like Sarah giving birth to Isaac.  .  . but what spoke to me most of all was yet again Hagar.   In contrast to the way man was treating women in these passages take a look at how God treats Hagar.. although He allowed her pain by allowing Abraham to send her away, God tends to her and her son Ishmael. “I’m going to make him a great nation.” Ishmael is widely considered the father of Arabs… Thus making Hagar, the woman who God tended to so lovingly, who named our Creator “the God who Sees me,” she is the “grandmother” to the Arab world.  I am impressed with the softness with which God treated this slave woman. While in her grief and turmoil God speaks to her, reassured her and opens her eyes to a source of water which will save her life.

   Hagar was at the end of her rope, had utterly given up and cried out in sobs and it is in this moment she is receives the blessings of the Lord.  sometimes in the midst of our most difficult times  God’s voice rings out to us as if he’s calling us on a direct line from Heaven.  Those are the times God opens our eyes and we can see clearly what we need to survive one more day, and provide the same for others.   God  shows us the water and from it we take “long cool drinks.”

  I remember once as a teen foolishly going on a hike with a friend named Michael in the mountains and bringing no water.  We were high in the hills when our thirst hit and by the time we were half way back down the mountain we were talking about the water that was waiting for us at the visitors center.  My hiking buddy pointed out how the water we’re about to drink was going to be SO GOOD because we were absolutely desperate for it.  Because of my thirst, that drink of water  was as good as  Michael said it would be. . .it was a drink of water worth remembering.

   When I am in a hypothetical desert in my life, finally willing to give up, crying out.. my God, the God who sees me, the God who tenderly calls out to me will provide a well of water so that I will survive one more day.  From this well I will take long cool drinks and it will be water worth remembering.