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A new fan of Ryan Ferguson

Day 44 Leviticus 1-4

Since I called attention to Hebrews 8 and 9 while digesting the concept of the tabernacle my friend Laura  told me about  this youtube video… It’s profound to hear this while reading Leviticus.. Ryan Ferguson has a new fan today.


Horns and Thorns

Day 19 Genesis 20-24

 I like the way King James put Genesis 22:8 “And Abraham said, My son, God will provide HIMSELF a lamb for a burnt offering” Total Jesus sighting… it’s the salvation story leaking out of Abraham’s heart. I’m doing a Beth Moore Study on the tabernacle so we’re mostly studying in Exodus, but she goes over the story of Abraham and Isaac with some details I wanted share: In verse 13.. where a Ram is caught by the horns in a thicket. Beth directs us to read Luke 1 :68-69.. I went WOW.. but the kicker is the thorns.. a thicket in which the Ram has its horns caught ordinarily has thorns. It’s what we would call a thorn-bush “According to Genesis 3:17-18 thorns were evidence of sin’s curse on the earth”… where do we see thorns in the New Testament? Wrapped around the head of Jesus on the cross. Uh.. More WOW, at least for me.

  Lord I knew Christ’s footsteps were here in the Old Testament, but I didn’t realize how prominently.  I appreciate the opportunity to see you here, as loving as I know you are in my heart.  Help me to navigate these passages, open my eyes so that I can see You.  Help me when I need to wrestle with some details.  Most of all I’ve love coming to you daily… You really are my bread of life.  May I live off of your Word each and every day.

Abel-like offerings

Genesis 4-7 

   God’s start with mankind seemed really rocky.  I don’t think it’s God’s fault, or rather if he is all knowing then theoretically he could have predicted all this so perhaps it is his fault.  But it was the humans that distanced themselves from their Creator, not the other way around, so it’s the human’s fault.    This reminds me of the paradox of parenting. When a child makes a mistake, whose “fault” is it, the child or the parent? Often God’s interactions with humans remind me of my struggles parenting… God is an interesting parenting role model though… he’s certainly a “let them fail and learn on their own” kind of Dad. It’s not like he doesn’t try to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong it’s just that sometimes we’re hell-bent on doing what’s wrong. Because of our sin we experience a separation from God (thus the need for Christ’s intervention).  In Genesis 5:21-24 there was a man who “walked steadily with God.”   His name was Enoch, Great-grandfather to Noah.  Enoch doesn’t die, God just takes him, was Enoch therefore without sin?  Who knows, well God knows, but this occurred so early in Earth’s history we get three verses on the guy and that’s it.  

     Through today’s tales of murder, giants,  and floods, it was Enoch that stood out to me.  I’d be hard pressed to described my walk with God as “steady,”  more like “fleeting.”  What is it that’s preventing me from walking steadily with the Lord?  I could come up with all sorts of excuses, laundry ironically jumps to mind first, but just the general day-to-day life really.  But do I really get off so easily blaming my circumstances? No.   I dare say Enoch had day-to-day duties to attend to as well.  My mind goes back to Cain and Able’s  first offering, we can’t just offer God some of our life, we have to offer Him the best of us…

Lord, your Word is wonderous, and I have largely ignored it.  Thank you for hanging in there with me. Help me to understand what giving you an Able-like offering looks like in my life.