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Wag the God

Day 101 1 Samuel 13-14

“A dog is smarter than its tail’, but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would ‘wag the dog”

What is more important, that Saul be right with God before the battle with the Philistines through submission to the directions he was given by the prophet of God or that God be “prepared” for Battle according to Saul’s timeline and in total disregard for  Samuel’s instruction?  It’s an urgent situation and I can almost see how Saul get’s tripped up. I mean, essentially,  “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”  Is a powerful motivation to want to take control into your own hands and start dictating just how and when everything is going to take place.  Clearly Samuel was late, right?  Self preservation seems to be the more pressing issue here right?  Saul included God, albeit not the way Samuel and therefore God had asked him to, but hey God gets a honorable mention in the plan.  Then Samuel shows up and has the audacity to be upset!  “Look old man, you were late, and I needed God’s blessing so it is what it is.”

 13 “You have done a foolish thing,” Samuel said. “You have not kept the command the LORD your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time. 14 But now your kingdom will not endure; the LORD has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept the LORD’s command.”

Prophets are never much fun are they. What is the more important issue here?  The fate of this battle or the fate of this Kingdom?  Despite Saul’s meddling it was the LORD who won that battle according to the LORD’S timeline.

  My Key verse for the year has been Exodus 14:14 The LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still.  Trying to figure out what that means has been a journey in and of itself.  But for me, it’s been drawing close to God in my turmoil, Praying and Praising like never before, listening for the Holy Spirit in everything, and seeking the fruits of the Spirit. Does this mean I never screw it up and try to take control for myself. Uh No.. I frequently try to take the yoke from God claiming its my pile of crud I’ll carry it… but when the weight hits I freak out and  I realize just how much my God is carrying and I gladly give it back.  In giving it back I’m putting my trust in God’s timing, and God’s hand in this. What’s more important, this battle or the fate of my relationship with my Creator?

  God’s hand is in my life and my life’s circumstances, I see His fingerprints everywhere, and let me tell you He’s messy. He likes to remind us of just where he played a part in our lives. To quote a Veggie Tales move, specifically Esther, The Battle is not ours, we look to God above, for He will guide us safely through and guard us with His love. I will not be afraid, I will not run and hide. For there is nothing I can’t face when God is at my side.  Saul got that.. kinda, he understood it in an arrogant, “I know what’s best,” disrespectful kind of way. His priorities were myopic, And this begins his downfall.



Day 64 Numbers 23-25

     Balak reminded me of this Albert Einstein Quote “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Boy howdy is THIS GIRL guilty of insanity according to this definition…

       How does one submit to the fact that God is always going to do it His way?  How does this reconcile with the concept of intercession?  I think it has to do with the heart.  No matter where Balak set up camp and sacrificed bulls God was not going to curse the Israelites…  It’s not about the ritual, it’s the heart… God is not ours to control, He is ours to have a relationship with.  It’s a dysfunctional one on our part, but God’s got that covered.  No fancy rain dance devination will ever make God do it MY way. 

 He listens to my prayers when they are my heart songs to God not the “head songs” of good ideas and selfish desires, no matter how many times I try.


Day 22 Genesis 30-31

  Boy Howdy if we thought family dysfunction started in the 20th century one needs only to read the book of Genesis!  I scoff at the notion that life was ever any easier “back in the good ol’ days!” Us humans sure do know how to screw life up… and yet God still wants a relationship with us.  I’m thankful God isn’t Human, he would have thrown in the towel on us long ago.

   Rachel and Leah’s attempts to manipulate Jacob’s affection towards them was interesting… Did bearing Jacob many sons help increase his love for Leah?  And what was up with the mandrake?  Why would sex with their husband ever be available for trading in exchange for mandrake… aren’t those the screaming baby plants in Harry Potter?  I’m aware they are real, but if they are THAT good why then don’t we go buy mandrake bars instead of candy bars? Clearly they had yet to discover chocolate, now that I might understand.

   All joking aside, I think affection from our spouse is a touchy issue.  Any attempt to manipulate the person to give affection just makes it that much less genuine, and the need that started the manipulation in the first place grows and grows till it’s really dysfunctional.  Why do we, especially women, have to be so emotionally tied to adoration from our spouse?  Why should our happiness be so linked to being appreciated?  I don’t think manipulation is a solution to the problem.. figuring out where our happiness needs to come from instead might be a better step in the right direction.   Leah was unable to attain Jacob’s primary love even through manipulation, or God blessing her with the ability to bare children.  Was Jacob’s love for Leah what God’s goal He saw that she was not loved and allowed her to conceive?  That’s not the impression I was getting..  I’m working through this in my head but I don’t think I’ve come to a solid conclusion… I do not envy Leah.

On a side note:  reading about this polygamous family does not really sway me to think polygamy is a walk in the park.  Sorry Sister Wives.. I still don’t think more than one wife is a great idea.