Day 65 Numbers 26-27

You know  I think I’m going to miss Moses… He was an interesting character.  I especially appreciate that at first he didn’t think he was worthy or capable of doing what God was asking of him.. but God knew he was.  Here at the end of his life I think  it’s evident that Moses understood he was always the right man for the job. After God told him his death was drawing near and he said,   “May the LORD, the God who gives breath to all living things, appoint someone over this community  to go out and come in before them, one who will lead them out and bring them in, so the LORD’s people will not be like sheep without a shepherd.”   Moses not only recognised the hole his passing would leave but knew it had to be someone new to step in and take the Israelites the rest of the way to the promise land.  Our leaders can’t be with us forever but the passing of the torch doesn’t have to be a bad thing.. it could be a good thing in its newness.  God uses us in our uniqueness and will just as effectively use those who step into our shoes after we move on.