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Day 79 Deuteronomy 28-29


      I know a large portion  of the unpleasantness of today’s passages is prophecy. Prophesy is never much fun.. The curses Moses is warning us about will happen to Israel over and over.. But I take issue with some of this, At first glance it’s really setting someone up for thinking if good things are happening to me it must be because I’m a good guy and if bad things are happening to me it must be because I’m a bad guy… like Job’s friends. But we know that’s just not true, first off no one is without sin, and we know of many biblical examples of good people who have bad things happen to them. As we read through some of the more difficult stuff I keep thinking, what do I do with this? I feel the desire and need to reconcile it with my understanding of the Bible as a whole: that grace comes from faith alone not from following the law. We follow God’s commandments because we love him and He loves us not because we think we are capable of following them 100%. Not because we think that blessing and curses are attached to following the law. Anyone else struggling with this or am I alone?

Snuck in there was Deuteronomy 29:29: The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law. 

The things revealed… you really do have to uncover some things, wrestle with them for yourselves.  Some secrets God will keep but unraveling the mystery of life is a beautiful thing to behold for what we learn along the journey and from the journey really does belong to us!  That’s why I don’t mind feeling uncomfortable with what I’m reading.. it’s part of the journey and the discovery for myself draws me closer to my maker!


Asking why is the wrong question

Day 4 Job 1-5

So basically according to Job’s friend Job’s pain and anguish must be a punishment from God for something Job did.  I believe in natural consequences of our actions, but I do NOT believe God punishes us like this!  Yes bad things happen, horrible things happen but it’s not our Creator punishing us for our sin (even if Pat Robertson wants to say otherwise).  God can allow bad things to happen, but for a greater good we can not comprehend when we are experiencing them.  here is the sad part, I’ve totally heard other Christians giving advice like Job’s first friend… “Oh you just found out you have Crohns?  it must be your sin  that caused it, you should repent.”  What?!  No… lesson of the day for me?  Don’t give advice like Job’s friend number one, you’re wrong..

Lord this passage really got me riled up, Job’s friend’s advice was so wrong but i see it here and now… it’s like Westboro Babtist Church who picket the funerals of service members claiming soldiers died because of homosexuality… I’m furious about that!  You allow horrible things to happen on this earth to the bad and to good alike. I believe in repentance but I don’t think the meaning of life is trying to determine what we’re being punished for, I think we need to seek you in any circumstance, and try and figure out what good we can make of it. 

  Lord I feel very blessed, which makes me uneasy about the story of Job… help me to let go of that which really isn’t mine to begin with.  Keep me under your wing no matter what life hands me.  Like those I met in Uganda, though they had next to nothing, know much more pain and suffering than I, they trusted You, loved You and worshiped You like nothing I’d ever seen before.  May THEY be my teacher,  May THEY be the example I seek. May I always seek you through all of life’s experiences.  If there is no answer to the question “why” then lead me from it, guide me instead to the question, “what am I going to do with what I’ve got that glorifies my Creator?”