Day 30 Exodus 1-3

  I like the story of Moses… I think that has a lot to do with that cartoon movie The Prince of Egypt that came out in ’98.  Good stuff, but only half the story…

    I noticed that Moses was at a wilderness point in his life after he killed the Egyptian and fled his brother, virtually lifeless he found himself at… A well.  There he met a people who would take him in and help him to heal on the inside and out.  The image of the well is jumping out at me over and over again.  I must be thirsty.

   Finally, the burning bush, and the name of God:  I AM WHO I AM. I like to dwell here and meditate on this reality.  What does it mean? I can bend my mind and think of God as simply being, not tied to a human concept of a timeline.  Suddenly Him being all-knowing makes sense, it’s not that He knows the future it’s that He’s experiencing it at the same time He’s experiencing now and the past.  It’s about now my brain can no longer comprehend what that means and reality (aka a 2-year-old wanting juice) comes crashing in around me… I AM.  What would happen to my prayers to Him if I started first concentrating on the name I AM?

I couldn’t help but think about this scene in the movie The Prince Of Egypt: