Day 41 Exodus 33-35

Bezalel and Oholiab, how come no one names their kids after THESE guys… they seem like pretty cool dudes.  God wants this tabernacle  exact and that would intimidate the snot fire out of me if I were asked to build it.  But the foremen were ready for the job, not because they were experienced in tabernacle building, but because God gave them what they needed.  it’s important to point out that they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and those of us living with the Holy Spirit sort of take that for granted… pre Christ very few were filled with the Holy Spirit.  certainly Prophets, a handful of Kings but these were modern-day craftsmen.  It speaks to the importance of the task at hand.

My Buddy Bethany is at a conference today and quoted Dan Cathy as saying “A God inspired dream will never fit in your checkbook or calendar.”  It won’t because it will never be by our might, our mind, our ability that it will get done.  God inspired dreams are larger than us because it required the Holy Spirit to accomplish.  Adoption was my larger than life God inspired dream and I did not accomplish that task on my own.  If you were a recipient of my updates during that time you’d know first hand that God got this blubbering mess through that. There will be more God inspired dreams to be had in my life that I will not be able to finish… on my own.

   Lord I can do all things through You.. may I more fully understand that today.