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Day 80

Day 80 Deuteronomy 30-31

‎31:27 cracked me up.. I can picture this 120 year old man saying this! perhaps along with a smack across the top of their heads for good measure.


Day 63 Numbers 21-22

I can honestly say I’ve never heard the story of Balaam and his donkey before.. kind of got a kick out of this poor half beaten donkey finally looking up at his master and essentially saying “Why are you beating me fool?!” It’s a very”Shrek” kind of moment, all I can hear is Eddie Murphy’s voice when I think talking donkey. I’m eager to find out what happens in the rest of the story.. Got questions.org has an interesting commentary on it: http://www.gotquestions.org/Balaam-donkey.html … especially this: “God can use anyone, even a donkey and a rebellious prophet, to do His will and speak His truth.” 

  I’ve seen this in action… reminds me of being stuck in Ug*nda for additional two weeks waiting for a Visa.  The person God used to help move up that Visa appointment was the most unlikely person in the world.. just dumb enough to think that he could help all the way from his tiny little desk in the States when we’d already been told that even the power of Senators would not be able to help move things along.  He wrote a note that triggered a series of events that landed us an appointment with in two days instead of two weeks.  The looks on our faces when it dawned on us how it all happened was priceless, only God could have moved mountains using THIS guy.   

   Hmm.. a lesson I’d be wise to remember right now in my life.  God can do big things using the most unlikely of people.. and apparently animals too.

Bad Bull

I couldn’t help but smile reading about the bull with a neglectful lazy owner who has a habit of goring folks… I know a couple of days ago we read about Moses spending an entire day deliberating over the Israelites’ complaints against one… another and Jethro pointed out the needs for laws and judges. With half a million folks “wandering” around in the Desert with you it makes sense. With these peculiar details existing in the laws it’s obvious God was paying close attention to what was already going on. . . I struggle with some, especially in regards to women, servants, slaves… but I’m with them in regards to the “bad bull”.. His days are numbered!

Funny Feathers

Job 38-39

 I know God is admonishing Job.. but I can’t get over how much He appreciates and loves every detail of his creation.. The small section where he goes off about the Ostrich is almost comical. “I am GOD of Heaven and earth… and isn’t that Ostrich fun to watch.” I can picture Job shaking in his boots.. then stopping to ponder the Ostrich for a second then go back to shaking in his boots.