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Prodigal Promises

 Day 16 Genesis 12-15

Christmas  of 03 my family and I were all gathered at my In-laws for Christmas.  I was just pregnant enough to start wearing maternity clothes and all of us were eager for the opening of a single “present.”  During my ultrasound I had the tech withhold telling us if it was a boy or girl.  Instead I had her write it down on a piece of paper for me to read Christmas morning. 

    My first kiddo was a wonderful little boy, and while I loved and cherished having a son, I had always pictured myself parenting a daughter, at least one.  Well my very first impression when I read the card telling us we were going to have another little boy was, “My oldest son is going to have a little buddy!”   There was some speculation among the family that I’d be disappointed when we found out I was having another boy.    But the moment I KNEW for sure I was happy about little man number two and I had peace over the idea of a daughter… because the seed of adoption had already been planted in my heart.

   God promised me, prepared me and created me to be the mother to not only my boys but also my girl.  But the moment I felt peace with the idea of eventually having a daughter, like Abram hearing the news about his descendents, I  also found tremendous doubt. 

     Everyone talks about adoption… says things like, “Oh I want to adopt!”  But how many of us actually accomplish this?  The list of why we would never actually adopt was long, and legitimate.  It wasn’t so much that I doubted God’s ability, I doubted mine… I knew me, I was the queen of good ideas that never came to fruition.  The likelihood that fear would forever prevent me from adopting was  a VERY real possibility.  Praise God it wasn’t just up to me.  Adoption was God’s plan for my life, whether I believed it or not.

    God planted the seed, God closed doors till it was time for the doors to be flung open and God clearly led the way to the exact child He had predestined for me to parent, before she was born, before I was born.  With God all things are possible,  with Erika.. not so much.  But if it really matters to the Lord, He can still use a broken failure like me to complete his master plan. 

    Abram was old, Abram was not perfect, but he was a friend of God, the Prodigal Promiser.


First Covenant

Day 3 January 3rd

Genesis 8-11

The word that stuck in my head this morning was covenant.   God’s special promise to all living creatures to never again flood the entire earth. All covenants have a sign.. this one is a rainbow, a clear message that says, “I still promise.”

In 8:21 he acknowledges that mankind is “bent towards evil ways but I guess he’s willing to work with that from now on.  Not that it’s acceptable, just workable (really with as bad as humans can get now, wowza they must have been awful during Noah’s time).

Genesis 9:6-7 is interesting, slightly, given the virtual total destruction God brought over the entire earth, now to say that Human life is precious because we reflect God’s very nature.. So we’re bent towards evil YET we reflect God’s righteousness (always doing right).  I think we  posses the ability to comprehend righteousness, but are incapable of achieving it.   I’ve frequently said life (or church, work, family the list goes on and on) would be perfect if humans weren’t there to muck it up.

Last thing.. Noah cursing Canaan for looking at his drunk naked body, then blessing Canaan’s brother’s for covering him up. Oooo, that is really messed up.  It’s not that what Canaan did was all that great, but neither is getting drunk and passing out naked.  It’s great that the other bros did the respectable thing and So yeah Noah should have said thank you, and perhaps sorry.  Here is what I take issue with, it’s so clearly pitting brother against brother.  To Curse one and bless the other.  Noah is setting up some dangerous family issues here, and it’s a theme we’ll see over and over and over again. I know the passages are more of a history lesson about the region’s different settlements than painting an accurate family tree, but the divisions we see established by “Noah” from early on CEARLY still exists today.  Who are the Canaanites today?  Who are the Sons of Shem and Japheth?

Lord,  I can sense that knowledge of right from wrong through the fog of selfish sin.  If I could just set my path straight towards you, and free myself from distractions.  I’ll never be without distractions, without sin.  So I’m that much more thankful that you are the God of second chances.  We don’t deserve it.  Like Luke looking at Darth Vader  you see the good in us (yes I just quoted a Star Wars movie to the Creator of the Universe, I dare say he chuckled).  Thank you for never giving up.