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Day 63 Numbers 21-22

I can honestly say I’ve never heard the story of Balaam and his donkey before.. kind of got a kick out of this poor half beaten donkey finally looking up at his master and essentially saying “Why are you beating me fool?!” It’s a very”Shrek” kind of moment, all I can hear is Eddie Murphy’s voice when I think talking donkey. I’m eager to find out what happens in the rest of the story.. Got questions.org has an interesting commentary on it: http://www.gotquestions.org/Balaam-donkey.html … especially this: “God can use anyone, even a donkey and a rebellious prophet, to do His will and speak His truth.” 

  I’ve seen this in action… reminds me of being stuck in Ug*nda for additional two weeks waiting for a Visa.  The person God used to help move up that Visa appointment was the most unlikely person in the world.. just dumb enough to think that he could help all the way from his tiny little desk in the States when we’d already been told that even the power of Senators would not be able to help move things along.  He wrote a note that triggered a series of events that landed us an appointment with in two days instead of two weeks.  The looks on our faces when it dawned on us how it all happened was priceless, only God could have moved mountains using THIS guy.   

   Hmm.. a lesson I’d be wise to remember right now in my life.  God can do big things using the most unlikely of people.. and apparently animals too.


El Roi

Instead of many gods, I have one God with many names. Each name highlights a different aspect to our Lord and for the last few years my favorite has been El Roi, the God who sees me.
Hagar was in a terribly lonely place, Again I struggle with Sarai and Abrahams choices… and “helping” God’s promises along according to our timeline never really works out to our advantage. But Hagar was REALLY mistreated as a result, and my heart is just torn for her. But God seeks her out, and she has the honor of being the first woman God speaks to.

      God follows me into my deserts, He speaks to me and He SEES ME unlike anyone else.


Day 5 Job 6-9

I like Job.. he’s got a good head on his shoulders.  My favorite part is 7:11 (the message) “..my complaining to heaven is bitter but honest.”  When we have a problem how often do the lines of communication  get cut off?  I’ve heard said, “God does nothing fo me so we’re not on talking terms.” but Job,  He won’t shut up!  He knows he’s innocent, he knows God didn’t make a mistake so there is no reason to state his case before God, but Job doesn’t cut God out of the equation either.  Job knows we can turn to our creator and simply say (in the words of my two-year-old) “I ouchy!”