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Day 183

Day 183 2 Kings 1-4

Elisha resurrecting the Child of the Shunammite followed by feeding 100 with 20 loafs of Barley  are very “Jesus-ish.”  however I found Elijah to be a little more relatable.. He was odd (to say the least!) but Human in his fears.  I LOVED the reading a couple of days ago when after Elijah was particularly upset about his death threats from Jezebel God came to him, NOT in the earthquakes, NOT in the fire but in the still small voice that came afterwards. MAN can I relate to this!!

      Elisha seems to be a little less odd but a little less human and a little more “mythical.”  Why do I feel this way?  I guess in reading the bible I am beginning to expect my main characters to have flaws, Some have bigger issues than others, but they are made more real to me because of their flaws… Elisha thus far seems lacking when it comes to mistakes. . . making him a little less human.


Day 182

Day 182 Obadiah 1, Psalm 82-83

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Day 181, 2 Chronocles 19-23

What a mess…  read it!

Day 180 1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 18

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Day 179 1 Kings 20-21

I’m struggling with this concept: descendents of the sinner having to pay for the sins of the sinner.  Why does Ahab live?  Because God knew something we couldn’t perceive as humans, a truly humbled heart… but what of Ahab’s house?

1 Kings 21;29 “Have you noticed how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son.”

A vengeful God or a God who knows his humans?  We are weighed and judged as individuals, and based on our actions we all fall short.  But through sacrifice, redemption and repentant humble heart we are offered our own personal salvation.  Yet our imperfections still stand, when we allow it they can be refined by God’s fire and our path can be straightened but does this guarantee the path’s of our children?  No they are on their own, set to determine their own path.  Our humble heart can be a good example for them but remember so are our sins.  A parent who parent’s with anger will have angry children who do the same.  So is God taking vengeance on Ahab’s sins out on his children or is God recognizing there is a lot more sin for Ahab’s children to follow than his single act of humbleness?

Day 178

Day 178 1 Kings 17-19

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  I wish someone wise and important said this.. but apparently Uncle Ben from Spiderman is accredited as being the first.  I thought about this statement when I read about Elijah.  He was a very powerful and bold prophet.. yet lived a very scary life.  Talk about being dependent on God for your daily bread, let alone keeping you from harm.  Jezebel clearly had it in for prophets of the true God and Elijah was in her cross-hairs… It would have been an easy thing to throw in the towel and just say pick someone else God this is just too much.  But God knew his Prophet and he knew what he was capable of, faith.  May my faith grow a little more today reading about the faith of Elijah… in other words, life could always be worse, so I’m going to be ok!

Day 177… I think

Day 177 1 Kings 15:25-16:34, 2 Chronicles 17

Somewhere along the lines I got my days a little mixed up.. no biggie we’ll see if it works out on Day 365.  Not like anyone really reads these posts. It’s more of a personal accountability blog anyways.. on that note we’re close to the half way point in our readings… i.e. I’m a few days away from having read half the bible.  Needless to say it’s been a rough half of a year.  I went from being a married woman getting ready to move with my family to North Carolina to being a divorced woman, finally diagnoses with celiac, getting ready to start school, figure out how to solo parent, starting my own business and through ONLY the love of my Creator beginning my journey of healing… both phisically and emotionally. What will be more difficult, enduring this past six months or living through the next six?  I’m so ready to say good-bye to this year… but it has been a good year to read the bible.  It’s not an easy read.  I watched other’s along this journey really question what they are reading, it challenged their faith.  I don’t blame them.  For instance readings like today’s when God is killing the entire families of kings who “Did evil in the eyes of the Lord.”  You know God seems to be pretty clear on what to do and what not to do and we seem pretty hell-bent on doing what we’re not supposed to…  especially when it comes to idols and worshiping other gods.  that’s true today jut as much as it was back in the day.  So Ah… David screws up big time and gets to be called the man after God’s own heart and then you got a few kings that throw up an idol or two and a few asherah poles here and there and BAM their entire lineage is struck down.  There is a part of me that can sympathise when folks look at this and think “Ya’ll are nuts!”

     YEP.  I don’t understand it all, especially folks dying for the sins of their father and grandfather.  I don’t like it, but if I’ve learned one thing reading this ancient book it’s no sugar-coated fairy tale.  These are real screwed up folks worshiping my God and real screwed up folks not worshiping my God… And I’m a screwed up woman, living through some tough times worshiping My God.  My God wants my heart, my God, wants no other idols, My God wants me to be repentant, grateful, loving, patient, kind, forgiving.  My God loves me.. and He isn’t going to walk out on me and my children.  So, difficult or not I’m glad I’m reading the Bible this year.  Difficult or not I’m glad I’ve got God to cling to and show me the way in terms of how He wants me to conduct myself during these difficult times. .  .  I Love My God, and I’m loving His Word, warts and all.

Day 175

Day 175 1 Kings 15:1-24, 2 Chronicles 13-16

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Day 174 2 Chronocles 10-12

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Day 173

Day 173 1 Kings 12-14

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