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Day 172

Day 172 Proverbs 30-31

A Jesus sighting?:

 1The sayings of Agur son of Jakeh—an inspired utterance.

   This man’s utterance to Ithiel:

   “I am weary, God,
   but I can prevail.[a]
2 Surely I am only a brute, not a man;
   I do not have human understanding.
3 I have not learned wisdom,
   nor have I attained to the knowledge of the Holy One.
4 Who has gone up to heaven and come down? 
   Whose hands have gathered up the wind?
Who has wrapped up the waters in a cloak?
   Who has established all the ends of the earth?
What is his name, and what is the name of his son?
   Surely you know!

   5 “Every word of God is flawless;
   he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
6 Do not add to his words,
   or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

   7 “Two things I ask of you, LORD;
   do not refuse me before I die:
8 Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
   give me neither poverty nor riches,
   but give me only my daily bread.
9 Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you
   and say, ‘Who is the LORD?’
Or I may become poor and steal,
   and so dishonor the name of my God.



Day 169 Proverbs 27-29

If people can’t see what God is doing,
   they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals,
   they are most blessed.

Lord help open my eyes to what You reveal.  I see it slowly being unwrapped, some an absolute curiosity and bewilderment.

Day 168 Proverbs 25-26

I want to see this on a t-shirt:

  God delights in concealing things;
   scientists delight in discovering things.   Proverbs 25:2 The Message

I’ve always thought of Spirituality and Science as intertwined in a harmonious dance… and I’ve always been bewildered by why so many others saw them as conflicted, diametrically opposed to one another.  WHY? Did God explain it all or did he leave some glorious truths for us to delight in discovering for ourselves?  I think He knows us better than we know ourselves…

Spare The Rod…

Day 161 Proverbs 22-24 

JUST this week I read in a CNN blog about how the frequently quoted “verse” “Spare the rod, spoil the child…” is not  actually in the Bible.  The blog says, “The popular saying is a distillation of Proverbs 13:24: “The one who withholds [or spares] the rod is one who hates his son.”  Hmm.. You know the actual verse seems almost WORSE than it’s “phantom-verse” version… spoiling your kids would be a lesser offence than HATING them in my book.. but really It’s a pointless argument because the REAL issue is what does “Withholding the rod” actually mean?  Does it literally mean beating our children with sticks?

   The explanation I was given growing up was that a Shepard’s rod was used to guide sheep NOT beat them.. the verse was referring  to guidance not physical violence.  Problem solved.. OH but there is a new verse in town that seems pretty clear about what kind of rod we’re talking about and what us parents are to do with it.  Chomp on NASB’s version of 23:13-14:

 13 Do not hold back discipline from the child,  (OK Got it, makes sense..)
Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.
14 You shall strike him with the rod
And rescue his soul from Sheol. (AKA Hell)

WOW… we’re beating our kids with sticks out of HELL!!  Who needs Jesus dying on crosses we’ve got hell-repelling RODS of parental discipline!!!  Eureka!  Suddenly the saying “beat the hell out of them” makes so much more sense!!

See now, THIS is when literal translations, taken out of context can get totally out of hand… LOL.  For those who don’t know me let me be clear: I DO NOT advocate child abuse.  You might take issue with some of how I parent my kids and that’s fine, I take issue with it too, and am always coming up with better ways to parent.. shouldn’t we all?

   What is Proverbs really trying to tell parents about parenting?  PARENT them!! Kiddos are not perfect little creatures, they will be breaking your rules from time to time… And for a good long while I sure did think that when my kids acted up it meant I was a bad mommy because good mommies do not have kids that misbehave! Misbehaving children is a clear sign of NO discipline in the house, right?  Well a deep depression later and after many many many parenting  books I realized my thinkin’ wasn’t right…  Discipline was good, absolutely necessary, and an expression of love… but not a 100%  solution to misbehavior.  In truth, God knows FIRST hand there is no salvation from our sins other than in Christ.  It don’t matter how big your stick is!

   So what’s up with the rod?!  Well here is my simple explanation:  It’s what King David used on Solomon when he was a youngin’.  My Dad got a belt (ouch) sometimes even I got spankings (ouch) and my kids get time outs, restrictions, and (I’ll fess up) the occasional swat on the rear too.  Rods are what they used at the time… sorry they didn’t have Positive Discipline A-Z parenting guides back in the day… Sorry they didn’t have it ALL figured out back then like we’re SO convinced we are now… With all this fuss about HOW to discipline you kids don’t miss the most important part of the message: the point is don’t let your kids rule the roostYou are the parent, they are the child.  You are in charge, they will at times try to take charge and you MUST NOT LET THEM…  Story of my life on an hourly basis!!  I find it humorous that this was an issue thousands of years ago much like it is today!  Kids were never “good” for their parents and parents were always struggling trying to figure out how to parent them!  I take consolation in knowing that parenting was NEVER easy throughout history!!  Why else would there be verses like:

22: 6 Start children off on the way they should go,
   and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

23: 22 Listen to your father, who gave you life,
   and do not despise your mother when she is old.

Day 160

Day 160 Proverbs 19-21

19: 3 People ruin their lives by their own stupidity,
   so why does God always get blamed?

19:19 Let angry people endure the backlash of their own anger;
   if you try to make it better, you’ll only make it worse.

This is SO me: 19: 24 Some people dig a fork into the pie
   but are too lazy to raise it to their mouth.

20:18 Form your purpose by asking for counsel,
   then carry it out using all the help you can get.

21: 2 We justify our actions by appearances;
   God examines our motives.

21:5 5 Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run;
   hurry and scurry puts you further behind.
(something to keep in mind when I start Grad school in July!)

21: 21 Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind
   finds life itself—glorious life!

21: 30 Nothing clever, nothing conceived, nothing contrived,
   can get the better of God.

   31 Do your best, prepare for the worst—
   then trust God to bring victory.

Day 159

Day 159 Proverbs 16-18

These made me stop and think:

16:6 Guilt is banished through love and truth;
   Fear-of-God deflects evil.

16:16  Get wisdom—it’s worth more than money;
   choose insight over income every time.

17:1  A meal of bread and water in contented peace is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels.

17:9  Overlook an offense and bond a friendship;
   fasten on to a slight and—good-bye, friend!

This made me laugh:

17: 12 Better to meet a grizzly robbed of her cubs
   than a fool hellbent on folly.


Let’s See THIS on a sign posted outside tabloid offices:  Whitewashing bad people and throwing mud on good people
   are equally abhorrent to God. (Proverbs 17:15)

17:17  Friends love through all kinds of weather, 
   and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.

17:22  A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
   gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.  (So explain to me God WHY create PMS?!)

LOL!! 18:6  The words of a fool start fights;
   do him a favor and gag him.

Found one for the builders of my home:

 18:9  Slack habits and sloppy work
   are as bad as vandalism.

18: 12  12 Pride first, then the crash,
   but humility is precursor to honor.                                                                        Help me to be humble Lord…

Day 158

Day 158 Proverbs 13-15

I paused to ponder these:

13:10  Where there is strife, there is pride,
   but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

14:13   Even in laughter the heart may ache,
   and rejoicing may end in grief.

14:32  32 When calamity comes, the wicked are brought down,
   but even in death the righteous seek refuge in God.

15:12 Mockers resent correction,
   so they avoid the wise

Fortune Cookie Tidbits

Day 157 Proverbs 10-12 

















A Cross-Gender Jesus Analogy?

Day 156 Proverbs 7-9

There seems to be a lot in common between Lady Wisdom and Jesus in these verses..

 “God sovereignly made me—the first, the basic—
   before he did anything else. I was brought into being a long time ago,
   well before Earth got its start. I arrived on the scene before Ocean,
   yes, even before Springs and Rivers and Lakes. Before Mountains were sculpted and Hills took shape,
   I was already there, newborn; Long before God stretched out Earth’s Horizons,
   and tended to the minute details of Soil and Weather, And set Sky firmly in place,
   I was there. When he mapped and gave borders to wild Ocean,
   built the vast vault of Heaven,
   and installed the fountains that fed Ocean, When he drew a boundary for Sea,
   posted a sign that said no trespassing, And then staked out Earth’s Foundations,
   I was right there with him, making sure everything fit. Day after day I was there, with my joyful applause,
   always enjoying his company, Delighted with the world of things and creatures,
   happily celebrating the human family.”


Do you doubt me?  Well there is something in there about THAT as well:

If you reason with an arrogant cynic, you’ll get slapped in the face;
   confront bad behavior and get a kick in the shins. So don’t waste your time on a scoffer;
   all you’ll get for your pains is abuse. But if you correct those who care about life,
   that’s different—they’ll love you for it! Save your breath for the wise—they’ll be wiser for it;
   tell good people what you know—they’ll profit from it.


I love a lot of ways it’s like opening one fortune cookie after another..

Day 155

Day 155 Proverbs 4-6

Read it!