Day 193 Amos 6-9

Day 194 2 Chronicles 27, Isaiah 9-12

Day 195 Micah 1-7

Day 196 2 Chronicles 28, 2 Kings 16-17

Day 197 Isaiah 13-17

Day 198 Isaiah 18-22

    Isaiah, Amos, and Micah.. boy howdy I bet these guys were the life of the party back in the day.  Can you imagine a dinner party with these guys? 

 “Hey Isaiah, how has life been?”

“The LORD Almighty is mustering
   an army for war. 
They come from faraway lands,
   from the ends of the heavens—
the LORD and the weapons of his wrath—
   to destroy the whole country.”

“That’s alarming.. Uh how about you Micah what do you think?”

“Because of this I will weep and wail;
   I will go about barefoot and naked.
I will howl like a jackal
   and moan like an owl.”

“That should be interesting to see, call me when you are getting ready to do that.  Amos?  What’s your take?”

“Do horses run on the rocky crags?
   Does one plow the sea with oxen?
But you have turned justice into poison
   and the fruit of righteousness into bitterness— 
you who rejoice in the conquest of Lo Debar 
   and say, “Did we not take Karnaim by our own strength?”

“OK Amos, that made no sense AT ALL.  But we’re all entitled to our own opinion I suppose…” 

All fun aside, they were right.  From Asherpoles and high places to divination and the worship of other gods the Israelites has deluded the worship of the one true God to the point of redundancy.  Israel was the stage for the coming Messiah, but it needed  serious makeover first.  Pack your bags boys and girls we’re moving to Assyria, or Babylon whichever comes to get us first courtesy of God Almighty!

How does this apply to me today? Well I have to wonder if at times I’ve been guilty of watering down God with other ‘idols” in my life.  Isaiah talks about Jerusalem hunkering down preparing for a siege but forgets the most important element, turning to God for help.  I remember God in my most desperate hours.. but do I run to him with the same enthusiasm during the waiting?