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As For Me and My Household

Day 88 Joshua 22-24

Joshua 24: 15b Seems like such a bold statement, although I wasn’t familiar with the context of the statement, I feel very familiar with the statement itself: “But as for me and my and my household, we will serve the LORD.”  Lovely thing to paint above your fireplace or hang on a plack beside your front door.    Joshua wasn’t much of a prophet like Moses was during his last days.. but I bet Moses’ warnings were not forgotten by Joshua.  Joshua knew and had faith that God was going to see the Israelites firmly settled in Israel, and that afterwards the Israelites would turn their back on God.  It would be a bitter-sweet thing to look over what they as a generation had accomplished with God only to know the following generation would screw it all up by forgetting God was the key to their conquests and success.  Joshua knew in his heart of hearts that God would not get the honor He deserved for much longer. Despite this he must have thought, Yes well for now, for me, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. 

    Lord, I have seen your hand in my life and known what it means to fear you. . . Yet in complacency did I turn away from You?  Perhaps grew luke warm and forgetful of your hand in my life.  circumstances have brought me back to my knees, this time in sorrow and humbleness… but I AM provided for.  May I be able to declare before the world like Joshua did, For me and my family, We will serve the Lord.  No matter what the circumstances, through the pain, in the pain.  May I recognize too that I need to declare that during the good times too.


Day 87

 Day 87 Joshua 19-21

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Day 86

Day 86 Joshua 16-18

Day 85

Day 85 Joshua 12-15

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Day 84 Joshua 9-11

A slightly melodramatic but helpful video to go along with today’s reading:

Jericho and Ai

Day 83 Joshua 5-8

Here is a fun archeology study on Jericho from the Associates for Biblical Research

and then I found a map for the battle of Ai!

Day 82

Day 82 Joshua 1-4

Now THIS is more like it!! We made it! We made it! Come read and enjoy! I love the stones they haul out of the Jordan as they cross it. When I have witnessed miracles in my life.. Did I remember to take any souvenirs?