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Copy and a Shadow

Day 43 Exodus 39-40

I just read Hebrews 8 and 9 after reading todays verses and WOW, things are really clicking for me. According to Beth Moore and Anchor Bible dictionary More verses of the Pentateuch are devoted to the Tabernacle than any other object. . . the details are important because it exists in Heaven and what was made on earth was a copy and a shadow of this heavenly reality.



Day 42 Exodus 36-38

Why was everything made of acacia wood? Well, The Sinai wasn’t known for it’s forests.  But it has acacia trees, a desert tree so a hardwood, and the acacia has thorns.  The tree could also be called a bush or a thorn tree… I kind of get hung up on the thorns… it keeps jumping out at me.. from the thorns that sprung up as a sign of sin’s curse on the earth in Genesis 3:18, to the ram getting its horns caught in a thicket (or could we call it a thorn-bush?)as replacement sacrifice provided by God for Abraham (Gen. 22 13-14), to the burning bush speaking to Moses (likely an acacia), to thewood thrown into the  bitter water of Marah to make it sweet (Exodus 15: 25), and finally the thorns twisted into a crown for the kings of the Jews (Matthew 27:29)… acacia, this is the wood that is used to make the ark, the altar, the tabernacle.  It was used because it was there, but what else was this wood used for? Am I stretching making these connections?


Day 41 Exodus 33-35

Bezalel and Oholiab, how come no one names their kids after THESE guys… they seem like pretty cool dudes.  God wants this tabernacle  exact and that would intimidate the snot fire out of me if I were asked to build it.  But the foremen were ready for the job, not because they were experienced in tabernacle building, but because God gave them what they needed.  it’s important to point out that they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and those of us living with the Holy Spirit sort of take that for granted… pre Christ very few were filled with the Holy Spirit.  certainly Prophets, a handful of Kings but these were modern-day craftsmen.  It speaks to the importance of the task at hand.

My Buddy Bethany is at a conference today and quoted Dan Cathy as saying “A God inspired dream will never fit in your checkbook or calendar.”  It won’t because it will never be by our might, our mind, our ability that it will get done.  God inspired dreams are larger than us because it required the Holy Spirit to accomplish.  Adoption was my larger than life God inspired dream and I did not accomplish that task on my own.  If you were a recipient of my updates during that time you’d know first hand that God got this blubbering mess through that. There will be more God inspired dreams to be had in my life that I will not be able to finish… on my own.

   Lord I can do all things through You.. may I more fully understand that today.

My Golden Calf

Day 40 Exodus 30-32

Can I wait for 40 days to hear the plans God has for me?  I mean I’ve seen His miracles, I’ve worshiped Him, felt close to Him, Complained to Him.  But I guess what I’m asking is if I asked God a specific question, or made a specific request, How long could I wait for God to answer?  And what if God answer at the moment is, “Be still [Erika] and know that I am God.”  Like an Attention Deficit Child of five I think my ability to be still in mind, body and soul last only a few moments and then I’m off seeking answers elsewhere…

What are my Golden Calves I seek in the place of my God, and how long does it take me before I start to seek them?  Those that know me know that I am in a state of searching, thinking and beginning what seems to be a Season of change.  Some of this I know is God inspired. My prayer a week ago came as a loud wail accompanied by a torrent of tears. I called to the Lord and asked him to MOVE ME! Since that prayer I’ve felt Peace, God’s faithfulness,  Patience and Self control.  So I’m searching with God’s Blessing, looking for the next step in my life, in truth I’m looking at going to school again.  Does this all seem too melodramatic,  it’s not really, it’s just in my nature to be, shall we say, spirited.  Here is my worry.  I can’t figure out what I want to be when I grow up, so I’m struggling looking at different programs.  Oh God what if I pick the wrong one? What if I waste all this time and all this money and not what to do what I’d be trained to do?! 

“Be Still and wait” 

And in marched the Golden Calf… Have I really asked how God can be glorified in these choices I’m looking at?  It’s hard, I remember sitting at my teller window as I worked as a bank teller thinking how does this Glorify my maker?  But I haven’t been thinking about that.. I’ve been thinking money, child care, will I be happy?  I’m not saying these aren’t important questions but GOD got me to where I am right now.  It’s not that I think I’m all that special I just Know that God has done special things in my life, I need only to look at my three kids to know that.. So WHY can I not trust that God can do something special in this… All of this “stuff” I’ve been struggling with since the beginning of January? I literally said to my husband yesterday,” I’m running in circles getting nowhere.”   If I just wait … He’s got something coming… much better than what ever I can half convince myself is best.  What is my Golden Calf at the moment?  Worry, fear, and anger.. always anger.  These things paralize me, and I’ll cease to move in this direction I’m feeling led… where ever this direction may be leading me.

My friends are farmers up North, and it interesting to hear about how with it being so cold there is nothing they can do on the farm, and so the husband is in the home.  It’s that Season where there is nothing to be done in the field.  Spring is coming… but for now they wait.  The Israelites waited out the 40 days of Moses’s stay on the mountain and by the end they had convinced Aaron to build them a god that could be worshiped for doing nothing.  It’s only attribute was it was created by them… to fill a void that would be filled by the God who had led them from Egypt, who still fed them Manna daily, they needed only to wait.  Today is day 40 of our study… it’s high time my golden calf be disassembled, crushed and scattered.

The Lord’s Fashion Debut

Day 39 Exodus 28-29

God’s really specific about his priest’s clothes… I have to be honest I struggle with the details… I know there is a why to it all and I feel like I’m missing it.  But also it just seems so religious.  It might sound ironic but I don’t like religious stuff.. you do this to get that.  Here is the thing, I can understand how ritual can be a very moving experience and bring you closer to God, but I can also see where the religion, the ritual gets worshiped instead of God.  I get that there is a rhyme and a reason and a purpose to every single detail but again I’m struggling. 

Lord, help me layer by layer to understand the meaning you want me to learn in all this.  Oh and as far as your fashion design debut.. not too shabby.  That breast-plate is interesting… I really want to hang it on the wall through, or perhaps turn it into a pendant!

Day 38 Exodus 25-27

I thought I’d gather a few visuals… I had a tough time figuring out what all this would look like in my head.

Lord, if your dwelling place is now in my heart.. help me to understand what all these details me to me now, today.

The Law

Day 37 Exodus 22-24

The law… recently someone said to me, “I’m so glad I live under the grace of Jesus Christ and not under The Law.” But as I struggle through reading these, and I have to warn you folks we’re going to be resting on this subject for MONTHS, I can’t help but think.. Can you imagine life without the law? It would have been a disaster. When I say I struggle, I mean I STRUGGLE, even when I try and think of some of this stuff in context of the time I still am a little taken aback at the brutality, and inequality.  I have to say though a nation of what was only a few months ago slaves would certainly need laws, and I think strict laws would work better for this bunch rather than flexible lenient laws.  I can only assume under the Egyptians the brutality of a judicial system for slaves would make Mosaic Law look pretty mild and fair.   This body of broken children of God called Israelites needed God’s love and as a good parent knows that includes discipline.  Are our kids perfect? No. Do they get punished? Yes.  As to the severity of some of these laws, well I have to trust that God knew what was best for back then.  He knew down to the individual what laws needed to be dictated, and He knew they would ultimately fail…

The Got Questions Article “What is The Mosaic Covenant?” really helped me digest some of this, Especially the following: “The Mosaic Law would reveal to people their sinfulness and their need for a Savior, and it is the Mosaic Law that Christ Himself said that He did not come to abolish but to fulfill. This is an important point because some people get confused by thinking that keeping the Law saved people in the Old Testament, but the Bible is clear that salvation has always been by faith alone, and the promise of salvation by faith that God had made to Abraham as part of the Abrahamic Covenant still remained in effect (Galatians 3:16-18).”

     Lord, I ask as I sift through these ancient laws that you soften my heart.  Help me to understand the why behind it all.  Lord some of this makes sense.. some I really struggle with.  I want to know why women are so poorly treated… I can only guess that through your laws their lot in life is improved.  Always remind me that I do need You, there is no doing this on my own and earning my way to heaven… only Your grace, forgiveness and guidence. I Love and thank you Lord.

Bad Bull

I couldn’t help but smile reading about the bull with a neglectful lazy owner who has a habit of goring folks… I know a couple of days ago we read about Moses spending an entire day deliberating over the Israelites’ complaints against one… another and Jethro pointed out the needs for laws and judges. With half a million folks “wandering” around in the Desert with you it makes sense. With these peculiar details existing in the laws it’s obvious God was paying close attention to what was already going on. . . I struggle with some, especially in regards to women, servants, slaves… but I’m with them in regards to the “bad bull”.. His days are numbered!

Day 35

Day 35 Exodus 16-18

This morning I had to wonder to myself.. what’s up with these Israelites?! They just saw God split the Red Sea, why can’t they trust Him to provide for them in the desert? I lived out my day and realized through my growing frustrations I …was really wanting reassurances from someone in the medical profession, and when that wasn’t being provided I threw a private pity party. Why oh Why can’t I get answers conserning my health?! And then I realized.. I was JUST like the Israelites. I have witnessed God’s miracles in my life over and over again. Why then do I not put my trust in him now? Major attitude adjustment was needed today. I’m still seeking answers from doctors for my health but with a different frame of mind. God’s got my back, Look out desert here we come! Come to think of it all I can really eat these days is Manna like food. Am I taking this Chronoligical bible study to literal?

Be still

Day 34 Exodus 13-15

LOVE verse Exodus 14:14.. I should tatoo it onto the back of my hand!!

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”