I woke up early this morning and realized I was sleeping with the bible. Lights were blaring and there I was curled up around my maroon and pink slim version of God’s word. I smirked and though, well, I’ve woken up under worse circumstances. I like to read a little before going to sleep and last night I turned to Psalm 23.. I knew I needed it’s cool calm message. What struck me was the idea that God MAKES us lie down in green pastures. I drifted off to sleep thinking about what were my green pastures and what role God played in making me lie in them. A pasture is where we receive our sustenance, it’s where we are fed so that we can grow. My church is a pasture, and God forced me to lie in it. I was not eager to attend there or anywhere but it was clear through other circumstances that God wanted ME there. Oh what a place of refuge for my family it has become! Thank you Thank you God for this pasture!


My new job is another hand picked pasture. You can read in a previous note how that came to be, but I can tell you it is such a source of joy and growth.


My parents, my little family, my friends… pastures abound!


Today isn’t the easiest of days for me to face. I’ll keep the details to myself, but I wanted to share that God has made sure that the pastures abound in the middle of any pain and anxiety. I find myself looking forward to the time spent with friends WAY more than I’m dreading any distress. I am so in awe of these accommodations God has provided for me… I am giddy in anticipation… I fear no evil, for He is with me. He is LITERALLY preparing a table before me (at Apollo Beach.. nice!) and I had to share all this because my cup is so overflowing.