It’s been over two weeks since I posted here.  My goal was to read the bible in a year.  I’m still on track  and doing that, just not blogging about it at the moment.  The prophecies are hard and I can’t quite feel much for them.  Yes we get it, they were BAD people.. WHY was this much literature dedicated to explaining that?

This is hard, reading the Bible like this, I needed to do it so I could fill in the gaps, so I could say yes I’ve read the whole bible not just the same verses over and over.  But man this format is rough and dry and it doesn’t leave much explanation.  I believe in a benevolent God but the God I’m reading about is not coming across as benevolent.  Could someone explain to me how they reconcile the God of forgiveness with the God of revenge?  I don’t mean to question but it’s not sitting right with me.  It’s the same God, He doesn’t change.  So what changes between the Babylonian Conquest of Israel and Judah and the time of Jesus?