Day 183 2 Kings 1-4

Elisha resurrecting the Child of the Shunammite followed by feeding 100 with 20 loafs of Barley  are very “Jesus-ish.”  however I found Elijah to be a little more relatable.. He was odd (to say the least!) but Human in his fears.  I LOVED the reading a couple of days ago when after Elijah was particularly upset about his death threats from Jezebel God came to him, NOT in the earthquakes, NOT in the fire but in the still small voice that came afterwards. MAN can I relate to this!!

      Elisha seems to be a little less odd but a little less human and a little more “mythical.”  Why do I feel this way?  I guess in reading the bible I am beginning to expect my main characters to have flaws, Some have bigger issues than others, but they are made more real to me because of their flaws… Elisha thus far seems lacking when it comes to mistakes. . . making him a little less human.