Day 133 2 Samuel 11-12, 1 Chronicles 20

*Explicit Language Warning*

David is an asshole, and that’s putting it lightly.  This arrogant sense of entitlement over another man’s wife, is vile.  The way he tries to cover it up then in the end has the man killed is beyond explanation.  His deeds deserve his own death.  Even in this day and age he’d be on death row for what he did.  Yet THIS is who is regarded as “The Man after God’s Own Heart.”  WHY?

     God is not in the business of judging what we do.  WHAT?  What about the law? We spent Weeks and Weeks reading it!! But What is the law?  I think David knew that it had the power to change lives if it was followed.  So what happened?  David sinned just like we sin because we are human and that’s what we do.  So if we were to be judged, REALLY judged by what we do we will always fall short.  We have our guidance set in the ten commandments… but what’s REALLY important here?  The Heart.

God IS in the business of looking at the Heart, and that’s where David stands out. summed it up this way : “David demonstrated his faith seemingly on a daily basis which pleased the Lord. Throughout his life his faith would be tested on a grand scale and in the final analysis he passed most of the tests. David also loved God’s law and he sought to follow it as best he could. He spent many days meditating on it and trying to apply it to his own life. He knew that God’s law had the power to change lives if it was followed to the letter. Another important character trait that David exhibited was that he had the attitude of gratitude and was very thankful for his life. During his life he had all sorts of trouble. From adultery and murder to running for his life, David thanked God every day no matter the circumstances. And finally, David was truly repentant. Let us not forget that he was a man just like us who sinned on a regular basis. But despite his continual sin he always loved God and sought to repent of those sins. ”

If you have the time Heath McNease REALLY says it best when he sings his version of Hallelujah: