Day 127 2 Samuel 7, 1 Chronicles 17

I KNEW the part about David deciding to build the ark a building was coming up!  I didn’t think I had missed it.. but anyhow, I found it interesting that David consults with the Prophet Nathan, who agrees, yeah sounds like a great idea but did they Ask God?  Nope, and God has an opinion about this too, and WHY shouldn’t He?  His instructions on making the tabernacle in the wilderness were REALLY specific, and for Good reason! It’s a copy of what exists in heaven and a layout of what exists on our hearts.

  God tells David no.  Why?  Isn’t that always the question we ask God when he says no and isn’t that the one question God won’t answer.  Personally I think it’s an opportunity for God to tell David about HIS house and God’s plans for it which include Jesus.  When God was talking about Solomon (not by name but as the one to build the temple) the first time I read it in 2 Samuel I honestly thought God was talking about Jesus, then when we reread the story in Chronicles I felt a little confuse, wait who are we talking about?  Is there room for God to be talking about Solomon but metaphorically talking about Jesus?

    God has told me no, and like a typical human I have demanded to know why.  Why would God not give me the tools to keep this family together with a Mother and a Father?  Isn’t that what God wants?  Why expand my family with the addition of my precious daughter then allow  my children’s father to walk away?  Make him love me again God!

     God’s answer is no, as it should be.  God has never been in the business of making people love.  From the depths of pain my calling out to God is bigger, my commitment to my children is bigger, a calling to teach has awaken and my life is now open to an infinite possibilities.  Whoa my fear is big but Oh my God is bigger.  I thought God would want one thing but He’s showing me how He can use this new path, and as I give to Him what I can not handle He hands back a promise, “It’s going to be Ok child.  I got this one.”